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Sure has been a while.

I feel like I should at least use this occasionally, though. Preserve the dream that one day I'll actually properly homepage or something.

A lot's changed since that last post. Lost my dad, lost my job, and took quite the fall on my personal progress because of that. Still crawling out of that pit, but you know. That's life.

Just gotta keep moving forward, I guess.


Adulting is hard. This is all.

...okay maybe that's not all but it's certainly something! The eternal pingpong of imposter syndrome is definitely a thing, though. Such is the life of accepting more responsibility, I suppose.

In the meantime, it sure is nice to be able to come back to Neocities when I've got some random project requiring web hosting. Learning HTML/CSS can be pulling teeth but at least I got options compared to a lot of these web hosts. I was going to try and make some kind of spoiler code for people in an RP community to use on Caard, but you have to pay for premium to do custom CSS! That feels like a goddamn crime.

Maybe I'll collect templates and stuff and make Neocities a viable option for people who don't know HTML? I imagine most people don't really care that much about things like spoiler codes, but you never know...


Shadowbringers is coming.

...I forgot this place existed again, I am not good at homepage, woops. Probably gonna start using this to keep track of some roleplay characters since apparently Charahub burned to the ground while I wasn't looking...


So I played Hypnospace Outlaw, and this was of course the first place I thought of. Nothing like a bunch of crappy 90's style sites to make you want to work on your own crappy site.

At least I've got some styling now, though!


It's sort of natural instinct for me to poke around new communities, see what people have done in it, but boy it's kinda backfired with neocities. There's all these... good web developers here, and actual programmers, and here I am, just some person with the html and css knowledge of someone who dabbled with neopets and knows how to make a jcink forum look decent.

I mean I probably shouldn't get so worried about it, considering half the idea of neocities is to be a learning experience, but. Man. One day, one day I'll make something half as neat as those other sites. For now though it's just a good place to ramble and futz about, I guess.